What Should You Include in Job Advertisements?

job advertisement in malaysia jobstreet

When you put up a job advertisement in Malaysia, you would first need to keep in the people you’re looking to fill up the position. Certain descriptions or information appeals to a specific set of people. So the next time you’re writing a job listing, keep in mind these things to include in your job advertisement. 

Salary range

Some employers hesitate to put a figure in their ads, but this could affect your chances of getting the perfect candidate to your door. By displaying a salary range that you’re offering, you’re not only able to draw in the attention of jobseekers, but also manage the expectations of a possible applicant. Not to mention, putting a salary range up front, is a good sign of honesty which adds to the overall good impression of your company.

Job benefits and perks

When you’re writing up a job listing, consider putting in the perks possible candidates would get if they join your team. Benefits like medical insurance, dental, parking reimbursements are attractive to many, whether they’re first-time jobseekers or experienced workers looking for a better chance. You could list them within the job description just as a way to attract applicants into reading further about the position and company. 

job advertisement in malaysia jobstreet

Workplace and location

If the position your offering may be in a developing area or would require people to move, you should talk about the site and workplace a bit more in the advertisement. Include key landmarks, public transit routes and points of interest in the area and building. For example, applicants with children may find your company area considerable if there are nearby schools or daycare centre within the vicinity. Fresh graduates are more likely to apply if they know your office is accessible by public transportation. 


The next time you’ll be advertising an open position in your company, include these pieces of information in the description so you’ll attract skilled and talented jobseekers to apply! If you’re looking to put up a job vacancy online, go to https://www.jobstreet.com.my/en/cms/employer/ to find out how you could do that.