Setting Up A Future With RHB Malaysia

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RHB MY: Our Historical past, Awards, and Efforts

Even though RHB Banking Group MY was established in 1999, our bank continues to be assisting the Malaysian citizenry for nearly A hundred years! RHB’s main products are its personal banking, business banking, and Islamic banking services. Additionally, we also provide insurance policies, real estate investment, SME loan and asset management services. We’ve won numerous honours for all of our work, such as The Asset Triple A Regional Awards, and much more.

Individual Financial with RHB

Our services are broadly available, and we have a diverse range of accounts and deposit choices alternatives at your disposal. You may also apply for loans to assist finance your goal lifestyle- our adaptable rates and payment plans are suitable for everyone. RHB’s thorough insurance plans will let you preserve your and yourself, spouse and children. Furthermore, we’ve got many credit card options for you to select from.

RHB Remittance and Payment Services

Furthermore, inspire you to definitely take steps to grow your own riches right here at RHB. From private pension strategies to trading and investing products, there are plenty of options to choose from! Our remittance services assist you to send money foreign at competitive rates. Protecting this prosperity is important- that is why we have now various safe deposit box choices suitable for you to store important documents.

RHB Bank

Business Accounts at RHB

RHB comes with quick and efficient accounts and deposits service for organization owners- open an enterprise account in mere one day! The upfront deposit for sole traders is RM1000, while for businesses, it really is RM3000. We also have many loans readily available for all form of entrepreneurs, small or big. Our policy possibilities also allow you to protect your business and workers.

Enterprise Banking Solutions at RHB

Besides the essentials, we can even arrange trade financing services and have various consultants to counsel you around the best preferences to make. RHB is not just your bank but besides, your partner. We offer business alternatives and information to assist you in developing your enterprise. This advice also includes advice on investment decisions.

Conventional vs Islamic Financial at RHB

RHB incorporates a selection of Syariah-compliant products for you to choose between apart from our traditional banking services. Our Muslim customers do not merely limit this option, but in our non-Muslim customers as well. Islamic banking benefits would be the incontrovertible fact that payments don’t seem to be compounded, and the ideas depend on economic justice- no concealed costs or secret charges!

RHB Now Banking

RHB Now Banking is an app which can be effortlessly downloaded from the phone’s app store. This will allow you to enter the banking account from anywhere, and you could even open an initial deposit account within the app itself. In case you have several accounts, you can handle each of them from your phone- you should not join and out continually!

Factors You’ll Want To Opt for RHB

Banking with RHB is often a variable adventure. With your unique product range and services, it is possible to determine which suit your lifestyle best. Additionally, using our professional assistance for both personal and business accounts, banking has not been better. Click on RHB’s website to have more information and facts about SME loan:

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