Include these Superfoods into Your Kids Meals!

kids meal pediasure

Children need the right nutrients to develop and thrive. This makes mealtimes crucial for you to include foods that would keep them energised but with all the things they need to grow big and strong. Here are some ingredients and superfoods that you can add to your kids meals!


This fruit, along with other berries like strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, is a fun addition in your child’s diet. They’re packed full of nutrients like Vitamin C and manganese. For your child, vitamin C aids with tissue growth as well as healing while manganese is excellent for connective tissue, bone structure and blood clotting.

Due to its sweet flavour and convenience, mothers usually introduce these fruits into the children’s diet through snacking. Pack some them into your child’s packed school meal or smoothie for a quick boost. 


Eggs are a cheap, great and tasty way to add protein into your child’s meals. They’re rich in vitamin B and D, which is needed for your child’s metabolism and heart health, while the latter helps with building strong bones. Many moms are a big fan of this superfood because it’s incredible during breakfast.

kids meals pediasure

Include this in your child’s breakfast wraps or fried rice. Dress it up according to what your child likes. Some parents even packed a peeling hard-boiled egg into their kids’ packed meal, so they remain energised throughout school.


This fish is a known source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential fats that your little one needs for their development. Omega 3 acids are easily absorbed when it’s from fish or seafood sources compared to red meat. This makes it perfect for your child to reap the most out of this superfood. 

Salmon has a distinct fish taste that could be daunting for many picky eating children. To include them in your kids’ meals, incorporate familiar flavours and spices, so it’s less intrusive or overwhelming for your child.


Superfoods could be great additions to your kids’ meals. Not only are they jam-packed with nutrition, but they are also really delicious. Your child would definitely love our three suggestions in their breakfast, lunch or dinner. For more info on how to improve your kids’ diet, have a look at this page here