How to Make Your Office Space More Work-Friendly!

Private office space Malaysia common ground malaysia

Looking to move into a new, private office space in Malaysia this new year? The office space you choose needs to be comfortable but conducive enough to facilitate work. Here are some easy steps to make your workspace more work-friendly!

Get comfortable furniture

If you or your team isn’t comfy while working, the quality of work you produce will get compromised. Desks need to have ample space and be at a comfortable height, while an ergonomic office chair supports your back during those long crunch periods. Some people keep a cushion around for added comfort and plush factor.

Sufficient and cosy lighting

Lighting at the workplace is often underestimated when in fact, it plays a huge factor in boosting productivity and morale. Warm lights that simulate daylight keeps the space cosy and bright. If you have large windows, install blinders and sheer curtains so that harsh sunlight could be softened and diffused into the space. 

Private office space Malaysia common ground malaysia

Go green!

Got a bunch of empty corners and sparse spots in the office? Why not place a plant or two there? The colour green has been said to reduce eye strain and certain plants are known to improve oxygen circulation in enclosed spaces. These little additions to the office helps with keeping your space look lived in and comfortable.

Proper room temperature

18-20°C is the average temperature in many work environments but this lowers productivity.  Dial it up a bit to 22-25°C to maintain your team’s comfort and improve their productivity. A good rule of thumb is to have the office on the colder side as workers could bring extra layers based on their comfort, but not to the point of intolerable coldness


A comfortable and conducive office space does wonders to facilitate good quality work. Hence, it’s important to keep things cosy and functioning in a place that you’ll spend most of your days in. If you’re looking for a comfortable office space in KL, have a look at this one here