How to Fully Utilise the MyDigi App

mydigi app

The MyDigi app isn’t exactly something new now, and I believe most Digi users are aware of the mobile app that allows them to manage their accounts. It’s also a useful internet balance check app with many more exciting features are only for Digi users.

However, I don’t think all MyDigi app users understand how convenient the app truly is. Are you a MyDigi app user, and are you fully utilising the internet balance check app?

Manage more than one number

Yes, we know you can pay your mobile bills with these apps, but did you know you can pay for more than your Digi number? You can save your favourite contact number to transfer credits to them, download mobile bill and gift them your MyDigi rewards!

mydigi app

Make full use of the Box of Surprise

This feature is one of the best things about the MyDigi app as it is exclusively for Digi users. Not only does it give you surprise deals on internet add-ons, reloads and calls, but it also rewards you with tailor-made offers just for you! It will be a waste not to use this feature!

Purchase roaming passes

Since we rarely leave the country, it may not make sense for you to pre-book roaming passes with the MyDIgi app. However, if the opportunity arises for you to travel abroad, know that the MyDigi app got your back with internet needs while you travel abroad. All you need to do is select an activation date, and you’re set!

Earn free credits

If for some reason you’ve downloaded the MyDigi app but not for reloading purposes, then you’re missing the point! By reloading your internet data on the mobile app, you can get up to 10% free credit every time. It’s the best way to reload, save and enjoy more GBs, so make use of this feature!


The MyDigi app is an amazing internet balance check app that has many features such as purchasing roaming passes and letting you download mobile bill. It’s a waste not to fully utilise this app, so I’ve decided to post this article to spread awareness of its features!

Are you a Digi user but haven’t joined the MyDigi app club? Download the app now at the Google Play Store or at the Apple Store!