How Does In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Works?

vivo s1 pro mobile

Smartphone technology is always in constant change and evolution. In just a few years, we’ve seen how phones and their features improve to make our lives better. For example, the Vivo S1 Pro mobile phone uses the in-display fingerprint scanning to unlock the phone.

What is in-display fingerprint scanning?

Smartphones have always used a finger scanner to unlock phones, and some phones can even unlock by scanning faces with the camera. However, Vivo has taken it up a notch and produced phones with in-display fingerprint sensors. Besides the Vivo S1 Pro, other Vivo phones that have this feature is the Vivo X21 and Vivo V11.

The desire to have a bezel-less phone is the main reason why Vivo decided to create this feature, as many phone companies are trying to remove components from the smartphone screens.

vivo s1 pro mobile

How does this technology work?

The in-display fingerprint scanner uses the Synaptics’ Clear ID sensor to support this feature. Ths sensor is only supported on OLED and AMOLED display.

When you place your finger on a phone screen that has this technology, the display screen lights up and illuminates the fingerprint. It will then capture a high-resolution scan of the reflected light of the fingerprint through the OLED pixels. You may also need to press the screen lightly for the sensor to differentiate between the valleys and ridges of each fingerprint.

What are the benefits of in-display fingerprint scanning?

When you use in-display fingerprint scanners, it is more accessible and convenient than rear fingerprint scanners. In-display scanners also work for both wet and dry fingers, and it doesn’t increase the thickness of the phone. It also works twice as fast than face scanners.

The technology behind the in-display fingerprint scanners is still rather new, but Vivo has armed their phones with a robust anti-spoofing system.


The in-display fingerprint scanner is a revolutionary and innovative design in the tech world. Until another fingerprint scanner comes up, this trend will likely stay for a while.

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