Drinking Milk When You’re Expecting

milk for pregnant similac

Carrying a child for a whole nine months is both a blessing and a challenge. It requires meticulous care to maintain the wellbeing of both the baby and mother. Milk for pregnant women is a great option to supplement your dietary needs. Here are some benefits of drinking milk while you’re expecting.

For Strong Bones and Teeth

Calcium is a macronutrient that is abundant in milk and other dairy products. It aids in building the bones of the baby and also supply nutritional needs for the mother to keep strong and healthy. Expecting mothers need more calcium to meet the minimal requirements of their baby. Childbearing women of 19 years and older require about 1,000mg of calcium, which can be found in about 3-4 glasses of whole milk.

Protein for Your Child’s Development

milk for pregnant similac

While you’re pregnant, the appropriate intake of protein is necessary to support your baby’s growth. It helps with the development of cell production and function of the fetus as well as strengthen the uterus and improves the mother’s blood supply. A deficient of protein during pregnancy can lead to low birth weight of the baby, which may cause complications later in the baby’s life.

Prevention of Diseases and Complications

Milk formulated specially for pregnant mothers may be fortified with vitamin D, which is great when you’re expecting. It aids in preventing neonatal rickets and supports fetal development. A deficiency of vitamin D and other nutrients can lead to complications during your pregnancy. This is why your doctor may suggest you take supplements, including milk formulated for pregnancies. 


Drinking milk is a habit that many pregnant mothers should keep. It provides mother and child with the right nutrients to support the development and wellbeing of them both. If you want to see which milk is the best one for you, have a look at a few of them here https://abbottnutrition.com.my/products/similac-mom