4 Facts About Your Car Windscreen

People look for different aspects when buying a car such as the power of the engine, the size of the trunk or how eco-friendly it is. However, windscreens aren’t usually one of them. We often take windshields for granted because all cars have them, but they are an important part of a vehicle that ensures our safety.

What else is there to our windscreen? Here are some other facts about your car windshield that you may not know:

It wasn’t a standard feature

Cars from the early days didn’t not have windshields so passengers were exposed to the elements such as rain and wind. Manufacturers later producing vehicles with windscreens, but it was thought to be a luxury item because it made rides comfortable. However, that changed quickly when people realised its safety benefits and manufacturers figured a cheaper process to create windshields.

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It rarely shatters

Action movies and shows made us believe that windshields shatter easily, but that rarely happens in real life. Windscreens these days are made of laminated glass, which are two separate glass panes with a layer of clear plastic between them. The middle layer keeps the windshield from shattering all over the place during an accident, minimising the risk of injuries and cuts.

Airbags rely on it

Not only are windscreens hard to break, but it’s also a part of the airbag safety feature. When airbags deploy during a crash, they expand upwards and bounce off the windshield to get into the proper position to keep you safe. If there are no windshields or if it’s incorrectly installed, the airbag may pose a risk to the passengers.

It’s the most common insurance claim

Windscreens rarely break into pieces, but they’re the most common car insurance claim. People often claim insurance over broken and damaged windshields from accidents or weather damage. After all, cracked windshields are dangerous and need to be replaced as soon as possible.


You may not realise the importance of windscreens, but they are an essential part of a vehicle. It is crucial to keep them well-maintained for you and your passengers’ safety.
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