Career Insights at JobStreet Can Help People Compare Their Salaries

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JobStreet has become a place for job advertisement around the globe. And recently, JobStreet has launched the Career Insights function on their website.

For every a job advertisement that they have been applied, candidates can see how much they are earning on average, the skills they need and any industry trends. Everything is done in a user-friendly way.

Interestingly, users only need to enter their type of job and current salary or their preferred salary, if they are looking for a job. JobStreet will draw on some facts that employees or job seekers can refer to. Some of the information you can see include:

  • How much do you expect your salary / salary to compare to your average?
  • How long a person tends to stay in their job
  • The role of someone who tends to move on later
  • Scope of the worker’s current job in the same role

And other things that might be helpful to job seekers such as:

  • The skills that employers want from a candidate
  • Application match at JobStreet
  • The rise and fall of jobs offered in your field

Give Overview of Expected Salary Range for New Grads

A new graduate might see a more realistic salary figure than offset by a lower average wage and more experienced workers may try to raise higher salaries if they have the skills their employer will needs. It is a good rule that how much you can ask for depends on how reliable you are in your job and how important your skills are to the company you are working for.

Open Up Opportunity to Discuss Openly

What we love about this step by JobStreet is that it opens up opportunities. It’s often a restriction to talk about your salary, though many people think that it can actually benefit workers more than to hurt them. When you know how much you earn compared to others, it will prevent the company from replacing you with your efforts.

And when these things are discussed on a larger scale between employees from one company to another, they can figure out how much they should earn relative to the industry. Or at least, it’s better for workers to know how much they need to earn so they can negotiate better pay.

Towards 100% coverage of all job vacancies available

But one disadvantage is that this new feature currently covers only what JobStreet calls “75% of the most popular job vacancies in all industries”, but this means that those in clearer roles may not be able to take advantage of it.


In summary, we can imagine that JobStreet will certainly add more posts to their data on Career Insights if the function is popular enough.