5 Things to Expect at Your First Baby Ultrasound

baby ultrasound similac

One of the biggest milestones in any pregnancy is having your first baby ultrasound and seeing your baby for the first time. You’ve seen the process done on TV many times, but you’re still both excited and nervous when it’s your turn.

If you’re panicking because it’s your first time, don’t. Having an ultrasound is usually an easy process, so there’s nothing to be worried about.

To help you ease your nerves, here’s a list of things you should expect for your first baby ultrasound:

A due date

Before getting into the doctor’s office, make sure you look into your calendar and get the date of your last period right. Doctors require that piece of information to give them an idea of the gestational age of your baby. With some calculations, your doctor will be able to estimate a potential due date. Although they might identify the date, it’s important to remember that the date isn’t set.

Baby or babies?

All you want to hear when you go in for your first ultrasound is that you have a healthy baby. A baby. However, life might surprise you in this ultrasound with twins or even triplets! Whether if you’re ready or not, we’re sure you’ll welcome an extra bundle of joy into your family.

baby ultrasound similac

Seeing your baby for the first time

If everything goes well, you’ll get the physical verification that your baby exists. When the baby ultrasound begins, you might not be able to identify your baby immediately, but your doctor will help you and point out the features of your baby. Your child might be as small as a kidney bean, but it’s your baby!

Your baby’s heartbeat

Ultrasounds are necessary to check your baby and his or her heartbeat. Doctors can verify a heartbeat as early as six or seven weeks, and your doctor will ensure it is beating in the right range. Not only will you see your baby, but you will also hear him for the first time!

A transvaginal ultrasound

Not every woman goes through this but there is a chance you are required for a transvaginal ultrasound. It is a special type of pelvic ultrasound to check your baby from the vagina. This examination can also measure your cervix length since a shorter cervix can increase the risk for pre-term birth. It may be awkward, but it usually doesn’t hurt in any way.


It’s understandable to be nervous for your first baby ultrasound, but as long as you listen to your doctor and follow instructions, it should be a smooth journey. Just enjoy the pregnancy journey as much as you can!

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