5 Recruitment Strategies to Try in 2019

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There are many recruitment strategies when it comes to hiring. There’s no one perfect strategy for every company, so it’s crucial for hiring managers to find the best solution for the sake of the company.

If posting a job ad and waiting for a response is your recruitment strategy, then you should reconsider the way you hire candidates. Here are some recruitment strategies you can try in 2019:

Improve your employer brand

Survey shows that 72% of leaders in the recruitment field agree that employer branding impacts hiring significantly. There’s no denying that it’s the most essential element in hiring and retaining talent. Employer branding may be the most difficult and costly recruitment strategy, but the results are usually worth it.

Introduce an employee referral program

Employee referral programs are a very underrated hiring tool. Many recruiters use it as a secret weapon to finding the ideal candidate. The benefits of employee referral programs include low turnover rates, shorter time to hire and less money spent hiring.

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Hire passive candidates

It sounds like a bad idea, but while there’s a smaller pool of outstanding candidates, there’s no lack of passive candidates at Jobstreet. If trained properly, even passive candidates can turn into excellent employees. Just make sure the application process as easy as possible and you’ll find some hidden talents.

Improve your job interviews

According to research by LinkedIn, 83% of candidates stated that a negative interview experience could change their opinion about a job role in a company they liked. Instead of asking cookie cutter questions like what are the weaknesses, prepare more meaningful questions and information for them to understand the role in the company.

Reach out to excellent applications from before

When you are narrowing down the last candidate, you may have to let go of some great candidates that didn’t make it in the end. These candidates may be your best bet in filling the empty vacancies in your company. They could also be a great employee for an entirely different role that they applied. When you reach out to them, let them know why and make the message personalised.


Recruitment strategies are always evolving, so don’t feel discouraged if a strategy doesn’t work for you immediately. Personalise the strategies to suit your company and soon candidates will come flowing in.

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