4 Seat Belt Facts You Need to Know

perodua myvi

Although Malaysia has made wearing rear safety belts mandatory since 2009, not every Malaysian has the habit of buckling up at the backseat. Common complains about the seat belt by Malaysians are they’re not comfortable, and they’re difficult to wear. However, Malaysians fail to realise the purpose of seat belts are to keep passengers in vehicles safe.

These days, car manufacturers are producing cars with seat belt reminders like the Perodua Myvi that give alerts when someone isn’t buckled in. But wearing safety belts should be a habit, not a chore. 

If you don’t usually wear seat belts in a vehicle, here are some facts about the safety belt that may change your mind:

Sitting in the back seat isn’t any different from sitting at the front

Some people believe being seated at the back is safer than sitting at the front. They think the seats in front will prevent them from flying through the windshield, so there’s no need more seat belts. However, being in the backseat isn’t any different, and you still can be flung out of the car.

perodua myvi

Airbags aren’t a replacement for seat belts

Newer cars all come with airbags, but it’s incorrect to believe that they can replace safety belts. Manufacturers design airbags to work in conjunction with seat belts, and you may sustain more severe injuries if you hit an airbag without wearing a seat belt.

Seat belts won’t trap you

Another reason some people don’t wear safety belts is that they believe they could become trapped when the car is submerged in water or caught in a fire. However, you are more likely to remain awake if you wear your seat belt when you’re involved in a car crash. Being conscious in a potential fire or submerged car situation gives you a better chance of survival than being knocked out.

Driving slow doesn’t reduce your chances of getting an injury in a car accident

Some people think they don’t need a seat belt as long they are driving slowly; however, that’s far from the truth. Even when you’re driving at 40 KMPH, crashing at that speed is equivalent of falling from a second-story window.


Seat belts are the most efficient safety mechanism in a car, and all it takes are a few seconds to buckle up. When wearing a seat belt, make sure it runs across your chest and your hips. Do not put the straps behind your back or under your arm.

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