4 Recruiting Mistakes to Avoid

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Recruitment is an art, but it is also science. While there are strategic ingredients required for success, many times recruiters also have to rely on their gut instincts.

Although there are no strict rules on how to be an excellent recruiter, there are frequent recruiting mistakes that could negatively affect your hiring process. Here’s a lit of these mistakes and how you can avoid them when hiring on recruitment sites.

Unrealistic hiring criteria

These days, companies are looking for a jack of all trades, but when you’re having unrealistic expectations from candidates, that position is likely going to be open for a long time. 

Instead of putting up unrealistic or strict hiring criteria, review all the people who’ve succeeded in the role. Determine the pattern among their experiences and skills and make a hiring criterion based on your observation.

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Getting attached for a candidate

Sometimes during recruiting you’ll meet a particular candidate that ticks all the boxes. You’ll think they’re the perfect fit and you stop all recruiting efforts. However, it turns out she wasn’t the one as expected, and you scramble to find more candidates.

Even when you think you’ve found the ideal candidate, it’s crucial to keep searching. It’s better to have more choices than only one.

Recruiting only when a job position opens

Successful companies don’t start hiring only if there’s a job opening, but they plan for when they want to hire. How does it work? These successful companies begin with one core role, filling currently open positions and cultivating talent when that job opens again.

Creating boring job ads

You can’t expect to hire an ideal candidate with a typical ad copy. Boring job ads create a negative first impression and repel away top talents with your mundane ads.

To capture the attention of top talents, put in details about how your company improve lives. Keep it interesting with a unique method such as video or GIF format.


As a recruiter, you want to make at least mistakes possible as it could cost your company time and money. Making the right decisions in the hiring process also guarantees your company an excellent employee.

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